july 2010

To My Hayes,

Summer is flying by, and I'm so happy to be spending it with you on my hip! This month you've grown so much. When your daddy-o blessed you in June, he talked all about how your body would be the vehicle for you to do great things.

Last we checked you weighed 17 pounds, and healthy to say the least!
Your super soft rolls are irresistibly edible. You're laughing so much now, getting really good at sitting up, and don't really care to roll anywhere yet. (Fine by me!)

You're getting so dexterous, I can't help but stare watching your little fingers grasp for things, and watch you analyze sights and sounds. You smile with your whole body, your shoulders shrug up to your ears, you clasp your hands together, your feet come up to your tummy, it's too cute for words.

Your dad and I are so grateful for the people around us that love you. They've been so helpful to guide us clueless first-timers through your many stages and phases. This month loved ones pointed us towards your 3 month growth spurt- "Feed him more!" and pre-teething discomforts, and I want you to always remember that if you ever need help, all you have to do is ask, and people will line up around the block.

This month we had to say goodbye to your daddy for a whole week while he did a job out-of-state. I missed him terribly, but I think you did even more. Your daddy loves you totally and completely, and he cried from our house until Spanish Fork at the thought of missing even one day with you. Real men can cry too, Hayes. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Anytime we talked to him on speaker phone, I couldn't get a word in because you were gabbing non-stop telling him about your day -you know- goo and gaa and what not.

You're such a sweet baby. When I cuddle you, you cuddle back. When I lay my face next to yours, you turn your face into me, when I nuzzle in your (almost non-existent) neck I can feel your sour cream breath on my forehead. You hold your hand out for me to tickle it and even interlock fingers with me for awhile. You have completed our little family unit, you are the heart and soul of it, and you are the light of our lives.

The world is yours Hayes.



Kirsten Krason said...

People keep telling me how chubby Jett is. I'm not sure if I should be concerned :) But it's good to know they are healthy and happy.

This was such a sweet letter. I can totally relate. Josh leaves all the time and it is so sad.

Dana said...

You are such a fine mom! I love the way you capture the essence of the moments with such beautiful words. Love to all of you!

Erica said...

oh that is so sweet and awesome that Hayes will have this to read when he grows up :)

Angie said...

Such a sweet letter to Hayes. LOVE it! ;)

Shelly Hyde said...

love your little dude. you're adorable emily.

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