this is super sad to admit, but russ & i don't know what day we got engaged.
we know it was the 3rd week in august of 2005, and that's about it.

another bummer, i took ONE photo that night, a phone pic of my ring. that phone got thrown in the river on accident, bye bye photo. so, we have this polaroid taken the day after:

yes the state of utah does let babies marry each other.
image credit: rory wallwork
check out this (tiny) interview russ did for the daily universe about our engagement at the base of bridal veil falls.
with a memory as coherent as ozzy osbourne, i can't help but thank this little blog for storing all the dates & events of the last 4 years. 

happy possible engagement anniversary, muffin!


E(liz)abeth said...

i love it! babies marrying babies making babies.

jenna said...

join the club. i have not one picture and i know it was in september....other then that, no idea.

Brittany said...

Actually it's not that sad because I don't remember the actual day that my husband and I got engaged...I mean I know within a couple of days, but not 100%. So I guess I'm pathetic too! haha!

adam and jess clark said...

you guys look so young in that picture! i guess i was a baby when i got married too, still feel like a baby :)

Krista said...

Ha my husband and I got engaged at the base of Bridal Veil Falls too. I bet the amount of people who did is staggeringly high. Happy maybe engagement anniversary!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

I don't have one picture of the night we were engaged either. Such a bummer! I love that the picture is in my parents kitchen. Haha.

nicole said...

Oh I am annoying with remembering antislaveries but in general my memory is horrible. I will forget complete conversations with people, places I have been to, or things I have seen all the time. at least I am not alone there.

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