weekend «rewind

we started our weekend of relaxing by admiring an amazing rain storm from our door way. what seemed like minutes later, i had a cold. and then a couple hours later, russ had it too.
funny how you tell the universe you're going to relax & then it very literally ensures that you do just that.
we did manage to have some fun in between hot baths, turns under a towel over the humidifier & emptying box after box of tissues:

a birthday party with Cosmo, who was miming lengthy paragraphs to me all day, not a clue.
dinner for another birthday at Tepanyaki, 
Russ talked some big game so our cook, Jim, let him have at it. raw egg. everywhere.
Hayes' passport came in the mail, & we had a good laugh. what is it about passport watermarks that makes everyone, including chubby babies, look like a drug lord?

by Sunday we had clearly over-exerted ourselves & didn't leave the house all day. russ, in his weakened state, agreed to watch the Emmys with me. we were unanimous in the best dressed vote (apparently all you had to do was wear navy):
jane krakowski in versace | lea michele in oscar de la renta | heidi klum in marchesa | julie bowen in j. mendel
images via just jared & pop sugar

...aaannd i'm going back to bed.


Silvia said...

Cute, you and baby match in that pic with Cosmo.
And yes, what a great description of passport photos. I seriously look like I just crossed the border in mine. Now I can just say Mexican drug lord, thanks. ha ha ha!

[Morgan] said...

baby drug lord. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Coby said...

hahaha, it's so true

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