if you didn't already get from my, *ahem* witty title... 
our air conditioner is broken & has been for 5 looong days. 
our house is on average 81-85 degrees inside with each day part of my sweaty soul dies.
too bad for me, i've had a lot of work i have to do at home so i can't really avoid it.
also too bad for me, is that russ always "knows a guy" & we have to wait for him to get back in town to fix it. fun!

1. doing his best despite the flash annihilation.
2. hayes' favorite teething toy - my kneecap.
3 & 4. still haven't figured out the outstretched arm family photo yet.

what does one do when they have no AC? i'll tell you what they don't do.
they don't do their hair, they don't put on makeup & they don't give in to their seasonal urgings to wear their fall-ish apparel. but, they do wear vintage t-shirts because they've smelled bad since 1979 & then one can just say "oh that's not me that you're smelling, it's this old shirt."

oh & p.s. - 2 more days to apply to bijou market. come sell with us! after this post, why wouldn't you want to hang out with a lady of my hygienic caliber?
sweat ya later.


iamahoneybee.com said...

oo ouch.. no ac.

I watched a little girl who loved to be held and used my shoulder as a teether. It would get a bit dicy if she started to creep up to my neck.

use a timer and get a quickpod for your self portraits. quickpod.com

jenna said...

haha dying at "he knows a guy."

story of my life.

love that outfit p.s.

Emily said...

you still manage to look super cute!
i love your headband!

Hilary said...

Emily. I love your blog. I think you're hilarious. You're the first I check when I open my GoogleReader.

Bridget said...

i think i really need to visit utah one of these days.

anddddd i love your header.

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