i would never call Hayes "aggressive" in any sense. he is mellow to a fault & so taking him places has never been a problem. we went to dinner this weekend with my little siblings & Hayes felt the need to impress. his hands were into everything, reaching for every loose piece of food, condiment, napkin or drink. i can only compare it to an olympic curler, except not the guy that's actually curling, the two *athletes* that are push-brooming the ice particles out of the disc's path: these guys.
he grabs with fierce determination.

while we're all trying to eat, and hence not focusing 100% of attention on where his paws are going, he grabbed a hold of a ramekin full of honey mustard and flung his arms outward. the ramekin went flying right into the pants of a row of Japanese tourists, that didn't speak English. now, i'm not trying to downplay it, but there were probably three small specks of mustard on this guy's A|X jeans. we said sorry over and over again. we were out of napkins long before this when he put his hands into my pasta, so we couldn't offer them any.
they were not happy. they performed a full on 7 minute long wipe down of his entire outfit and shoes, all the while staring coldly at us & Hayes. i know this is straight out of the embarrassed mother playbook, but it was definitely my first experience, and it was definitely awkward. i wish i would have known how to cross the language barrier & help them out, or at least known what cultural gesture to make them understand -- he's just a baby, with wild helicopter arms.

and seemingly unrelated, but just wait for it...

i'm loooving these ballet flats. i can't/won't take them off.
i came home from said dinner & they too were covered in honey mustard.


Shorty said...

Honey mustard is delicious. I don't blame Hayes a bit for wanting to share. And those shoes are ADORABLE! I bet they're comfy too.

Sean and Janet Eyring said...

Hey Em! Long time no talk! That Hayes is a cutie, and so BIG now!

Give me the 411 on how to be a Bijou Market seller. We (the wife and I) are thinking of hawking her fabric pennants she has been making for holidays and birthdays. Do you already have 20482 other people wanting to sell something like that?
What do you have to do to work with you guys? Is there an audition? Bribery with cupcakes? Let us know. I know you have a show coming up in December (I think that's what I read), and don't know for sure if we'd be ready for that one, but might be for the next one on the calendar. Anyhoo, just let me know some details would ya? Thanks tons! Oh, and yes I'm still unemployed :(
But have a couple interviews this week that I'm hoping work out.
Just shoot Janet an email: couponjanet at gmail dot com.

Jessica said...

It just gets worse and worse the older they get...then one day it's easy again and you can enjoy the whole meal together without one of you holding the child outside!

Michelle said...

honey mustard is the best! And don't worry, it's a Japanese thing to react like that. Just kidding I don't know that for sure. But I *am* half japanese, and pretty sure my asian side of the family would react like that. Just sayin'.

aand I'm sad that those amazing pink ballet flats are sold out in my size. Not that I can afford to buy anything, but still...

nami said...

not everybody thinks your baby is...darling:p or loves babies, sorry to say. as another mother of a small infant. maybe it was just a 1 time thing, but to the person with condiments all over their pants, it was probably kinda, sorta, really annoying...ps. even if they didn't know how to speak english, they probably all understood it.

The Wrights said...

its the honey mustard moments i love! it can be embarrassing but who cares!!!! your cute little man is learning and growing so fast! he is such a cutie!

ps the shoes are adorable... where did you get them?

The Wrights said...

ignore the where did you get the cute shoes comment....smarty pants just figured it out :)

{lindy baker cakes} said...

People need to chill out. Seriously? I'm glad he flung it at them. They deserved it. Ha. He is the cutest little guy Emily. I can't get over it! I love those flats as well.

Kirsten Krason said...

Every time we go to a restaurant Jett knocks over a drink. Every time.

vanessa joie said...

I totally bought those pink ballet flats after I saw you post this. Blogs are bad for my shopping habits.

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