okay party people, here are my first three days of the 10 for 1 challenge.
in 3 days i've already worn everything except the vest.
so the rest of this week is going to be repeats, which normally i don't do... until now!
the leather jacket is the only outerwear i've needed so far & 
i just used it to sit on some dirty softball bleachers. 
so far so good, i haven't even had to do laundry yet!
i am excited to show you some of the other 10 for 1-ers outfits over the next week. 
two sisters joined in & they haven't bought anything new (except things they could thrift)
 ALL. YEAR. i tip my hat to the J Project!


here is the rest of the week in outfits to see up close:
i don't normally take walks in motorcycle boots, but i don't do that in ballet flats either, so boots it is!
also, on friday  i cuffed the jeans once, and saturday i cuffed them twice. you know, for variety.


Michelle said...

your teal necklace is AMAZING!!

Tiff said...

I'm excited to see how you mix and match for the rest of the week. I love the Wednesday photo with the babe. Very 1950's.

emily+brett said...

i am in! i saw your post a few days back and decided to try it out. it is SO much harder than i anticipated but puts a fun twist on my wardrobe. i'll email you some pick once the week is over!

Carolyne said...

Yah, i pretty much love the twa collection!

Michelle said...

Your boots. I need them.

And that jacket too.

.....And the necklace.

Silvia said...

Love, love, love Wednesday. You'll look great all week though.

Katie said...

are you liking your city flats?? some reviews say they wear quickly. would you recommend them?

kara jo haught said...

I'm so sad i spent half the week in a swim suit (not really) but i really wanted to get in on the 10/1. ps why do you like so freaking darling!

Jessica said...

Hey! Love your outfits and your pics too. Mine are SO lame...but I guess thats what happens when your photographers are under 4' tall !

Kit said...

You're so dang cute Em.

Love you!


McKenna said...

Brilliant idea! I usually end up wearing the same thing everyday when I go on a shopping hiatus. Love your skirt! Love your blog!

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