reviewed: baby rock apparel

 this week's review is for Baby Rock Apparel, Inc. i don't know if the general selection for baby boys is really as bad as i think it is, or if i am just picky, but either way, finding boys clothes that we like takes work! i have a few things from Baby Rock Apparel that i LOVE...

<----i can't wait for Hayes to grow into his Trunk, Ltd. band tees. why did i get all 2Ts?!
they have the best fit- slim in the torso and sleeves. also, super soft cotton & no tags or applique interfacing = no undershirt = ♥.

we all love their selection of Rockabye Renditions - he can listen to the melodies of our favorite songs simplified into a calming lullabyes, and we can still listen to what we like.

& here's what's in my shopping cart: