reviewed: salon k

what are the odds that all my reviews have been for things i already love? 
i have no problem passing this info on to you because I LOVE SALON K
keep reading for 20% off any service!

Salon K is conveniently located in The Shops at Riverwoods:
5047 Edgewood Drive
Provo, Utah 84604
 they have an extensive list of services for hair & skin care

 added bonus+
Salon K is a Bumble & Bumble Salon and
they have the best selection of products anywhere.
I use so many B&B products personally,
but I love their thickening spray, Russ uses their Sumo Tech & their dry shampoo is my must-have.
i've tried countless brands of dry shampoo 
and B&B's is the best, by far.

and wha'dya know ...
my real life stylist & sister Bethany works there as well!

Bethany is an excellent colorist, she knows what tones and shades compliment your skin tone & always listens & is never pushy.

what I LOVE about her as a colorist is after YEARS of listening to me complain that my hair stylists couldn't ever seem to get my highlights to the root (i'd always walk out looking like I had regrowth already.)
she always gets to the root, which believe me, is harder to find than you think.

her absolute specialty is razor cuts.
you can see my last razor cut here.
creates a totally natural looking textured cut & i love it!

so how do you get 20% of a service?
print off this post & bring it into Salon K.
call 801.226.7985
they'll get you all set up with any service you like and treat you like a lady.
see you there! but really though, i will because i loiter there weekly.

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Whitney said...

I just found your blog and I LOVE it!
I saw your 10for1 post (all fab) and I was wondering where you got your big statement necklace?
Anyways. I love it.
and those motorcycle boots!

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