Russ & I bought tickets to Band of Horses shortly after Hayes was born, both dreading September 25th. "Surely we'll be ready to leave him at nearly 7 months old" - we thought. Ha. Even as we were pulling out of the driveway Russ could've thrown in the towel & not been remorseful. 
But, Hayes was in good hands with my mom & it was so nice to be out together.

They played a great set list, I left hearing all the songs I wanted to - never happens.
And BONUS! Someone must've alerted Mr. Bridwell about my post about his beard
because he did in fact trim it.

pic by my friend Lisa.
We were also treated to free frisky fence dancing. One supremely drunk & portly broad grinded up on the fence that separates 21&up with general admission for a good 45 minutes straight. She then took a break to yell sweet nothings into strangers ears like "Iloooveesssyouss" "Yoursstheonleeeyoneewhogetssmee"and then proceeded to lose her balance and fall backwards like a tree in the woods - no bend in the knees- nothing. Timber. Hilarious and so sloppy.
On the drive home we did things one shouldn't do with an infant in the back seat.  
(No, not that. Dangerous!)
We blasted tunes all the way home and sang at the top of our lungs. Russ even provided me with a spot-on rendition of "You Oughta Know" by Alanis. We got home, cuddled our little lamb, ate frozen Reese's cups in bed and for a minute we were just Emily & Russ, 
with Mama & Daddy-o tucked up on the shelf.
A+ night out, babe.


Shorty said...

So cute! Mamas and Daddy-os need time too. :)

kylee said...

suuuuch a good concert! and i definitely saw that beyond drunk lady. i was just waiting for the moment she fell.

jessica kiehn said...

this is so sweet. and the way you described the drunk girl falling over is HILARIOUS!!!!! "like a tree in the woods. no bend at the knees." hahahahahaha!!!!!!

Aaron + Kayti said...

its so nice to get back to where everything started; you+him.

Dana Dastrup said...

You are seriously GORGEOUS Emily!! I love these pictures of you guys!! And I also get to say I am proud of you for leaving Hayes. I know how hard that must have been for you and probably always will be!! But GOOD for you and Russ!!

Amy said...

If I had known you were going, I would have looked for you! We were there in the thick of it. It was a great show and I'm pretty sure the same drunk girl came onto my husband only to be told to "DON'T TOUCH ME AGAIN!" HA! Glad you had a good night out with the hubby - date nights are the best!

[Morgan] said...

so funny!

jenna said...

excuse me why are you so bronzed? jealousy raging once again.

and isn't it funny that you can spend every day for 7 months with someone and never get sick of them? i remember thinking the same thing!

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