new lens ♡

currently obsessed with our 50mm lens. 
it captures every fine line, every scar, and every hair out of place. as all cameras should.

also taken on our date up to SLC for dinner & shopping...
fall checklist additions:
dress like a lumberjack ✔
pose in front of hay bale ✔

jk people, but i was excited to show my new duck boots that i thrifted (never worn) for $6.00. 
take that sorel, you thieves.
beanie, H&M / plaid shirt, A+F / beaded cardigan, F21 / belt, vintage / jeans "always skinny", Gap / duck boots, thrifted /


Emily Dickson said...

Love the hat and boots! Totally makes the outfit

Shelly Hyde said...

you're cute, Em.

Bridget said...

YES, i just got a 50mm and i love it. is yours a 1.4 or 1.8? i ask like i know the difference...

Natalie said...

love the duckboots! i have been looking for a pair like that... i see they were thrifted.. what brand are they?

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