as you can imagine i have lots to share from last weekend's market. it was nothing short of awesome: to run, sell at, observe, and get lost in. the venue was absolutely perfect (besides the crappy lighting towards the back) and the vendors never cease to blow me away with their craftmanship & creative insanity. 
we held the market for two days, and i can only compare it to walking around new york city. it's invigorating & exciting, and then you get back to your hotel and realize you're totally exhausted.

here's just a few pics from the weekend, and i'll be back with more when i can go through them all!
the original 3: nicole, rashelle & me.
my biggest supporter, Russ, who might as well be a founder he works so hard for us & our little love, Hayes.

this last one was taken right as i got home, finally. i look pretty worked, and i felt it.
this event was a new animal for me, i've never been apart from Hayes for that much- ever.
the last market in the orchard i was nursing him every 2 hours and still felt connected even though i had so much to do. 
this time, i would leave before he woke up & get home after he was asleep.
anytime he came to visit the market i had to hold back the tears, i was missing him so much!
and then finally on saturday he came to visit & even though he had been such a trooper, i could tell he was done with it. and right then and there in the middle of the market, i burst into tears. i buried my face into his little neck & cried. 
i'm sure it was a mixture of stress & lack of sleep, but i was totally overcome.

to all of you mothers who have to work outside your home, i have so much respect for you. it was not easy, and i only did it for 2 days! i missed him, i felt guilty, i longed for our little world of feedings and play time and snuggles. 
i feel really blessed to be able to do what i do, all while he naps in the room next door.

more in a minute...


Sarah loves it all said...

You are such a good mom. When I had to go back to work, I bawled my eyes out to the point where I was sobbing in the girl's bathroom talking to my husband on the phone and telling him I couldn't handle it. I used to get a physically sick feeling when I wasn't there to nurse him! Luckily I only work twice a week. I can't say it's ever gotten easier, but I do think I've become more numb to the idea of leaving E. Which is hard to realize. Regardless, the market was a total success! I really admire your ambition.

I might have to steal the picture you took of us. We ended up without a camera, so I would love to have it!

Pink Peach said...

it was so awesome. well done girls. did you hear about my stupidity? i thought you guys had been restocking cupcakes all friday but i guess it was ashley, and then saturday, i didn't let anyone know there were, oh 500 cupcakes in a cooler under my table. yeah, my family is going to be eating a lot of cupcakes.

emily+brett said...

it was such a success!! i became so overwhelmed with the awesomeness that i didn't know what to do with myself! somehow i didn't see you:( i was there at the very end on sat. i wanted to say hi. you girls are amazing and a total inspiration.

jillian said...

I am SO bummed I couldn't come to this one! Stupid work!!!

You're such a cute/good mama.

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