in just about one month-- 01.08.10-- in the draper temple, my sister charity is getting married!

i'm no stranger to planning a budget wedding, so i know how incredibly stressful & frustrating it can be, but holy moses is she stretching her dollar! i can't wait to share all their wedding details.

she's gone to great lengths to make this the wedding of her dreams even with literally everything going differently then planned, it will still be amazing.

 i was just messing around on the way to her bridals & this glimpse doesn't give away any details except that she's going to be a stunning bride! hair & make up by my little sister Bethany, of course!

you can read all about her wedding details & her real life running of the brides knock down drag out fight for her dream dress.


jenna said...

thanks for the coupon code em

ordered a couple birthday presents!

chari-o said...

ah...thanks, Em!

Patricia Boudrot said...

Hi Emily -- Pat at Filene's Basement here. Your sister's story about her ROTB experience had me on my seat. This is definitely not your typical wedding gown shopping trip, but these memories will last a lifetime. Give your sister my best wishes. Would love to see her post a photo on our Facebook page with the gist of the story after the wedding. Have fun! Pat

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