merry kissmas

i hope everyone had a lovely christmas. ours was so much fun, definitely a new breed with a baby around. i am pretty much exhausted -- we milked december for all it was worth. while i'm ready to bid the holidays adieu and go back to a slower pace, i'm not quite ready to go back to normal life either. can i just stay in day- after-christmas limbo? 

in the meantime, check out these stills taken from our christmas morning video.  hayes enjoyed the paper, bows, and tissues all morning, but every so often he'd look up to russ or i & pull us in for some kisses. 
he's the sweetest thing. really.


I'm AE Jones said...

Darling "merry kissmas" pictures!!

Hayley Anderson Photography said...

Darling pj's! Where'd you get those?

Jenna Robert said...

Love the Pjs! And I would love to do a video of your adorable little family. Anytime!

Jenna Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emma said...

such a darling little family!

Anonymous said...

very cute! I'm sure your video is just a sweet as these 3 stills.

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