favorite thiingggss!

before christmas my friends & i had a last minute (aren't they always though?) night in. we cooked for ourselves and exchanged our "favorite things." we had a $5 limit and much to my surprise, actually got a lot of cute stuff! i also had a spot on oprah impersenation that i've been trying to repeat ever since, but i think it was a fluke. we were sad that not everyone could come, but like i said, last minute... boo.

 and sort of obsessed with these two that Dana snapped. Dash & Hayes are 6 months apart, but their age gap is starting to close & they are hysterical.
and how pumped was i to get the snow & graham calendar i've had my eyes on for months, even though its definitely worth more than $5? pretty pumped. we also had glass vases, aprons, make up, and unmentionables.
it was a super fun switch up from the usual white elephant fodder & it was pretty cute to see how incredibly obvious it was who brought which gift. i recommend it wholeheartedly!


jessica kiehn said...

oh my GOSH Hayes just keeps getting cuter and cuter if that's even possible! I love his face in the one where he's sitting on her lap...YOU LITTLE CUTIE!

Dana said...

I want to know what YOU gave the others... What was your fave under $5?

{lindy baker cakes} said...

I can't believe I made the blog. This was definitely a fun party and I LOVED the concept. I'm glad you were stoked on the calendar. Let's do it again. Love ya Em.

Nicole Christensen said...

Dash is really livin up to his name in these. Constantly blurry.

Nicole Christensen said...
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