i am feeling pretty blessed this morning. my friends took me out for my birthday a couple days ago, and although we didn't take a picture, here's a couple from other friend events that do just fine...
do i need to point out that we're at restaurants in both?
but that's not even the half of it. wednesday's post was a little terrifying for me to publish, and i was uneasy all day waiting for a critical comment, and guess what? it never came. friends from all spiritualities, religions, countries chimed in and it was a discussion worth having.
you all are the most respectful & loving readers & friends and i appreciate having the platform to speak my mind without fear. 

thank you so much for that. 

and just because you've earned it, here's me in high school. as a cheerleader. 
it still makes me laugh to this day because literally everyone who knew me said a big "WTeff??"when i tried out my senior year. totally not "me", but i had a blast! 
and holy cow you've never seen me in better shape.

i suppose it's another reminder of how stepping outside my comfort zone can pay off. 
i solemnly swear to do that more.
happy weekend!


stacie and geoffrey... said...

So much to comment. First of all, I'm glad that post went over so smoothly for you. Go you for putting yourself out there. Secondly, I'm jealous of your guys' tight Utah knit and all those Pizza-Fac & cheesecake outings. And thirdly, is that midriff f'real? Dang GIRL! Sign me up for cheer!

kELLO! said...

i feel like utah has the best places to eat. like, all these utah blogs make me want to take a trip there- JUST for the restaurants.
sixxx packkkk!!

Nicole Christensen said...

I love you and all of your high school skinny-ness.

Dana Dastrup said...

I LOVE YOU EM!! Love the post below... it made me tear up along with this post to realize what AMAZING friends I have in my life and you being one of the most amazing friends! Thanks for standing by my side all these years!

sassy mia said...

Good times!!! I wish my belly was flat again! U have always looked fantastic! Love ya girl!

sassy mia said...

This is lindsay Clyde btw

Lindsey S. said...

haha. That pic brings back so many memories! We had some fun times!

Meagan + Michael said...

You guys are all so gorgeous!

Modisch Schreibt said...

Ahhhhhh !!!! Happy Birthday (or late one I should day!) You look adorably dressed in both pictures and I love how you belted over your cardigan. I've always enjoyed sporting that look myself. It makes a comfortable outfit more put together and dare I say trendy??!!!

I hope you had a wonderful time. You're beautiful.

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