party like a gentleman

i'm signing off for the week because my sister is getting married this weekend!
and my brother and his family are in town from tennessee!
and i've never met my nephew max!
and it's the first time we've all been together in years!

so you see i have far more pressing matters to attend, basically a weekend of partying. 
the classy wedding kind of course.
here's Hayes in a gentleman's party attire. he is getting a little too good at smiling for the camera. i pull the camera out & without even so much as a "cheese!" from me, he's working it.
his only request is that he get to sit on my lap while i go through them on my camera.
& then he follows me into the office while i upload them.
& then squawks with pride when they show up on the big computer screen.
you're so vain, Hayes. you probably think this blog is about you.
white button up H&M
bow tie c/o Dejavu Old & New


Stefanie Bell said...

Emily, he is so darling!!! He is looking so much like a little boy...no more baby. its so sad how fast they grow!

Brooke said...


Brissa said...

He is so cute! I love his bow-tie. I can't believe how big he's getting!!

kersey said...

Oh my, that is adorable. The smile + bow tie combo are enough to make anyone's heart melt.

aubry. said...

seriously, emily?
i'm dying over that face.

Karyn Mac said...

Holy Handsome. I realized I was totally grinning looking at his smiling face.

shanna said...

He is adorable!!

kylee said...

the amount of cuteness in those photos is beyond words. he really is the cutest thing ever.

Dana Dastrup said...

He is so dang handsome! I love him so much! He is getting so big and I love that he smiles like that for the camera! Such a stud!

{amy k.} said...

what a little hunk! i seriously can't believe how big he is! he looks like a little boy and not so much baby- that's crazy! sooo cute!

iamahoneybee.com said...

he is so darling. hope you had fun at your sister's wedding

Emma said...

he squawks with pride!! he is so dang cute.

carla thorup said...

haha.. "you probably think this is blog is about you" was so awesome. well played!

and he is darling. always!

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