the bibber.

I have been loving the comments from our big shocker announcement Monday.

Some favorites:
"Well aren't you fertile?"
"The absolute last post I expected from you today."

I feel you!

  I tried to respond to everyone individually but pretty much no one has their e-mail connected to their blogger profile, what's up with that?
So, to answer your questions:

-When I was so incredibly tired a couple weeks before Christmas I couldn't physically keep my eyes open (my pregancy tell), I took a test on a whim, and whadya know! 
-While we were planning on spacing Hayes & #2 less than 2 years apart (22 months maybe?) 18 months was a little earlier than schedule. SURPRISE!
-Ziggy was a nickname just for Hayes, but because Hayes is still considered a baby, we will heretofore refer to Hayes as The Baby, and #2 as "B.I.B." or Baby In Belly.
-Russ is ecstatic, when he came back from Hayes' first bath in the hospital he said "Let's have another one!" He had to hide his jubilation the first month because I just wasn't there yet.
-I have felt the gambit of emotions, but I have always felt peaceful about it which I appreciate. My time frame or not, this was meant to be. When my midwife pulled BIB up on the ultrasound screen after 3 dopplers couldn't find a heartbeat, I was so grateful. Watching this new baby move around like it was playing Dance Dance Revolution was an instant wake up call of excitement.
-You read right, we're going with a midwife this time. I am loving it so far and I will share as much or little as you'd like to hear.
-I am so excited to be pregnant this Summer! If I am going to be pregnant I would rather be pregnant at the pool.
-I am nausea city right now & trying to stay optimistic that I won't have to hit the reset button every morning for 5 1/2 months like I did with Hayes. Here's hoping.
-Being pregnant when I worked 40 hours a week, went to school full time, styled photoshoots and ran Bijou is EASIER than being pregnant with a 10 month old crawling around. Is it the guilt? I always feel like I'm letting Hayes down somehow.
-I'm already showing. When someone asked why I didn't post my ugly sweater 
(it's not so much ugly as awesome) with Russ', here's why:
I would have blown my cover for sure. That ain't no food baby.

We're so excited and excited to have you all along for this crazy ride.
When I was stres--sed to the max about it, my dear friend said
"When have you ever shied away from doing hard things?"
and I loved her for saying that. I tell myself that in the mirror daily.


Nicole Christensen said...

yet another perfect write up of your beautiful thoughts and feelings. i am so excited for you and am looking forward to the day that i, too, am on board with baby #2.

Heather said...

Wonderful! You are SUCH a cute mama.

carl and em said...

EM I absolutely love your last shoot!! It makes me so ready for spring, and makes me miss doing all of this. Also congrats, I'm so excited for you!!

elizabeth kartchner said...

whoever said the last quote about you is right on. so true!

kara jo haught said...

emily, i think there is something wrong with me....a teeny tiny bit of me wants to get pregnant! ps. the sweater IS amazing!

Miss Candy Anderson said...

I'm DYINNGGGG! SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS! It will be fun for Hayes to have a buddy!
I think a free massage is in order for you during your pregnancy. ANYTIME you want to cash in let me know.

Nakita Ellis said...

I used a midwife for my 2nd. Best decision! Congrats to you guys! That will be fun for your kids to be so close in age!

Emily Dickson said...

Seriously so excited for you!! It really made my day when I read that you were pregnant! And if anyone can handle two little babes at once, it's you!

chari-o said...

I won a contest with that ugly sweater from mom's closet, paired with a white knit dickie. f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s.

chari-o said...

AND i'm excited you're trying a midwife! look at all the fun things you get to test out for me! :)

Brooke said...

Congrats! Yay so happy! I thought it was hard having two close together at first, but now Mason and Afton are best friends. Wouldn't change a thing. Really it was worth it.

iamahoneybee.com said...

When I read your tweet about "flu, preg, or mono" I was thinking that you would come back and post that you were pregnant since the same thing happened to my sister, but she found out she was pregnant with twins...double whammy!

Good luck with everything and I hope you get through the nausea quickly!

Heather Lee said...

Way to go! I always say, there's never a better time to have a baby than the present. Well, I don't ALWAYS say that, but in your case it's true! Congratulations.
I'm so glad you stopped by. I need to add your blog to my blogroll so I remember to check in. I love your blog. And I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next. Such a fun adventure!
And you're right, that sweater is not ugly. I wish I had it for the holidays.

allegra said...

that's so awesome you're preggo!! oh boy... it will be GREAT to have them be best of friends. congrats:)

annilygreen said...

yay for babies! and people weren't kidding when they said you show sooner with the second one, right? i felt like i was 20 weeks along at like 10!

jillian said...

Seriously so excited for you! Also my husband is like Russ...one day after Lucy was born he said let's do that again!....I was still tired from a 19 hour labor that then ended in a c-section.

Lindsay said...

you continue to amaze me!
love love love the sweater, and Hayesies face!

Sierra Prina said...

Well, looks like I missed the big announcement a few days ago. CONGRATULATIONS!!! August is a great month to have a birthday and guess what?! My birthday is August 15th! You are such a good Mom. Hayes and "bib" are so lucky!:)‬

Silvia said...

Oh man! I had no idea, gotta love surprises! Congrats and I am excited because you have the cutest bab(ies)ever. xoxo.

Jessica said...


Greg, Linds, and Avery said...

Holy Moly!!! Congrats!!

Gaby said...

Congratulations! You must all be so excited!

Kit said...

Emily. . . think you can safely toss the guilt with your cookies, next time.

Giving Hayes a sibling, close in age, is in actuality one of the very best gifts you will give him in his entire life, one that he will treasure even more the last 60 years of his life than he will the first 19.

Here's to naps, every day, maybe even twice a day, for Momma and The Baby and the BIB while you co-create this beautiful gift for the world!!

You ain't no shier, lady! And we sure love you!

Meagan + Michael said...

That's so fun! I'm super excited to read your story with the midwife. I'll be taking notes... Congrats!

Tyler & Brittany said...

Wait What!?! CONGRATULATIONS! Oh my gosh, When I saw you, you were prego! Wow Em! Good for you guys! I hope you start to feel better! Seriously, Congratulations! I am so happy for you guys! I was not expecting to see that post hahaha. But, I seriously wish you the best! You both make darling kids so why not!

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