was cold! but, despite Hayes' face he had a great time. purple lips and all. he's such a shy little thing & so i expected him to cling to me, but he was loving it. Russ dunked him a couple times & took him down a big boy slide & he didn't stop smiling the whole time. 
thanks to the Rammell's for the random "meet us at the pool in 20" call.
i just wish we could get these two to get along ;)


Jenna Robert said...

I love winter swimming (in heated pools). So fun!

Anonymous said...

Hayes always cracks me up. Half the time your pics of him are so serious! jeeze crack a smile little guy.

Cason and Marie said...

Hayes looks so lovable! He is precious and oh so handsome. Looks like fun!

[Morgan] said...

just spent the last few getting caught up on your last few posts. holy howard. congratulations!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

About a month ago Sarah and I took our littles to this pool and we had the same purple/blue lip experience! Why don't they warm that thing up more? It is soooo cold! I snuck Blake into the hot tub and got the stink eye from everyone. Oh well!

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