tik tok

where did this week go?
i'll tell you:
-one baby man cold. turns out even baby men can't handle their colds. 
-one bad case of rotator cuff tendinitis. anytime i use my left arm's rotator cuff it sends paralyzing pain up and down my whole body. i don't even know what to do about this. every option seems undoable.
a sling? how do i carry my poor baby with his man cold? pain killers? oh you're pregnant? then no pain killers.
-a detoxing husband. his words not mine. i didn't realize his soda intake (diet mountain dew, preferably) had gotten really really bad. but, it was bad enough that he came home and said "no more!"
he's got killer headaches and zero energy and aren't we just the most awesome bunch ever?!

sometimes all we can do is wait things out. weather the weather. mostly the worst advice i've ever given my impatient self, but i am working on it. maybe once we're on the other side it will be time for these:
anthropologie swim collage via a beautiful mess
or this if you're looking 7 months pregnant already:
this suit was gifted to me via a pea in the pod, and i'm obsessed.
cheers to the weekend, and cheers to whatever waiting game you're playing.
i hope it's a quick one!


iamahoneybee.com said...

hope that your hubs feels better so he's not a cry baby about it. I know exactly what you are going through, guys are the worst when they are sick!

very cute suits!

I hope that you can get through until the weather gets better to perk you up. I'm impatiently waiting for the snow to completely melt and for the flowers to bloom.

Griffin and Gretchen said...

hope you all feel better! caffeine headaches are THE worst.
anthro swimsuits=the bomb and that pregnant lady looks like she's gonna snap in half but her swim suit sure is cute

mle said...

I have rotator cuff tendinitis too! it's the worst!!! sleeping is a huge pain and especially when taking care of kids it's almost impossible. I have been doing physical therapy with it and it seems to (kind of) improve. Hope you get it taken care of! cute swimming suit by the way!

Sarah loves it all said...

So sorry about the blah. My month was Feb. Lovin that suit and wishin I had it right about now.

Lindsey S. said...

Oh I feel for you my girl.

I have been eying that black and white polka dot one from anthropolgie for a while now! I just can't get myself to pay that much. Ah, maybe next year when my husband is actually out of school and bringing in a paycheck again. A girl can dream. haha

Lindsay said...

Love the Yellow bowed one!

Adam and Hilary said...

I saw this swimsuit today at a pea in the pod, but didn't buy it cuz i'm a cheapy. Lucky you!! It's freakin adorable!

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