Hayes & I (in one of the many dresses my Great Grandma Kay knit herself!) in our Easter best... 
& what can I say about Russ? he's a lost cause. he's gone rogue. A.W.O.L.
that's the thing about my husband, he cannot be wielded. 
but i don't think i would want to if i could. he keeps things fresh.
Hayes enjoying his 4th-6th oatmeal raisin cookie. we lost count.
Hayes' cousins absolutely adore him and he returns the sentiments. 
it's all cousins kissing all the time with Q & A around.
i just love this bunny.
 navy blazer THRIFTED || gingham button down H&M || white pants CRAZY 8||


Brissa said...

love the dress! that color looks fantastic on you. and hayes, where do i begin? he is adorable. that kid's got some serious swagga.

Anna Culp said...

awesome dress! where do you get hayes' h&m? i always have to wait for my annual trip to minnesota.

cherice said...

hahahah jake was SO mad at me cause i made him stay in his sunday clothes for pics. it was like a fight. haha. i too wore a vintage dress thats funny! yours was so cute!

Miss Candy Anderson said...

Okay I must admit, I am a lurker on your blog but I read every single one. I feel bad for not commenting though. So alas I decided to comment. Know that I read every single blog post as soon as it comes out!

Silvia said...

Hayes looks so handsome! Love his jacket.

carla thorup said...

hayes looks like a stud in that get up!

Anonymous said...

awww you all look so cute, even russ. Too funny that he goes rouge!

That dress is soooo pretty!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

He's so dang cute. Blake has that shirt he's wearing in the last picture from H&M. Love it.

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