Hayes, month XIV

Hayes is 14 months and, for the record, over the last month he:

  • walks! his longest run has been about 20 steps. it's only been a few days, and i can tell it makes him uneasy and he prefers holding onto something, but he can't hide the pride on his face! he's a very careful walker, he doesn't fall a lot, he just slowly squats back down. careful is a good word to describe him in general.
  • has an obsession with stairs. can haul tooshie up them, and gives me a heart attack coming down them. 
  • loves ice! we buy the ball ice and he will sit with a big cup of it until it's gone.
  • added "shoe", "icky" (mickey mouse), "chhh" for chips, "car", "ice", "on" for on and off, says "moo" for a cow, "ba" for a sheep and "la la la" for a pig (if you've read Moo, Baa, La La La by Sandra Boynton, this makes more sense) and "Gee" for his friend Gus to his vocab.
  • loves to play "where's mama's belly button?" he lifts up my shirt(s) and sticks his nose right in there. that's about as far as the whole baby brother talk has gone.
  • blows on his food when we tell him it's hot. now anytime i say something is hot- food, the street, etc. he puckers his lips and blows. too cute.
  • made it 13 months without hitting - he hit me in the face like kevin mccallister style - both hands on my cheeks - and my reaction was much too pleasing to him, so of course he keeps doing it. 
  • loves to take lids and caps on and off, sits with an object for a good while trying to figure it out.
  • really good at his stacking ring toys. that is the longest you'll see him sit still.
  • still sleeps so much, i feel like our life revolves around naps right now. 12 hours at night, and two 2+ hour naps. yep, we finally got rid of that third nap!
  • his first nap is usually  9:30 or 10:00 am to 12:00 pm aka the entire block of church. church is a nightmare. russ usually ends up taking him home. 
  • figured out the straw. i don't know why this took so long? probably because we're cheap and don't get soda anywhere, hence no straws?
  • appears to be getting 2 more teeth, but i can't be sure because i am no longer allowed in there.
  • shows a fascination with cars, motors, trucks, and motorcycles. we haven't pushed any particular thing on him, this just happens to be what will stop him in his tracks and mesmerize.
I have loved 12 & 13 months, although I heard beforehand they were hard. Maybe because Hayes wasn't walking? I have had so much fun with him! He is learning so much so fast.