porch & a bbq

remember this? the post was written two full years ago. last summer Russ built the basement level of the porch & from what i can hear our basement renters have fully enjoyed the addition.  i was starting to accept the fact that i may never use our back door again. 
i finally motivated (read: begged) my husband & he built the porch in about 2 days. 
that wasn't so bad loverkins was it?
before...april 2009
i am absolutely loving it. we have the world's greatest view & i could & do sit out there for hours. when we turn on the bistro lights at night you can see our porch for miles!
(the bottom porch has a temporary stain on it, the whole thing is getting a nice dark stain -- eventually.)

our dear friends Lindsay & Noah were in town from Florida and we were thrilled to host,
break in the new porch, and seriously pray that there were enough weight bearing bolts to hold us all.

we grilled, we over ate, we watched our little boys tackle one another repeatedly, and we playedthe game Loaded Questions. <---super fun, i recommend!
this is a typical sight. men watching something, women deep in conversation.
& me and the B.I.B. at the end of 25 weeks 
hmmm. what i can i share about week number 25?
-i finally stopped throwing up!
-my hair is growing like a weed, and i have the regrowth to prove it!
-the belly size is feeling a lot more like mid 30 weeks than mid 20s.
-i officially retired from picking things up off the ground... 
i *will* just stare at you until you pick whatever it is up.
-this baby has far less hiccups than Hayes did, by far less i mean zero compared to Hayes' 
2-3 sessions/day.
and i finally DIYed this door mat.
once again, thanks Muffin for being so amazing!


Cason and Marie said...

What a fun get together. You look great!! And I'm loving that doormat. Hilarious!

Aimee said...

Your porches look amazing! My tiny two foot wide porch is jealous.

chari-o said...

omg...i might have to steal the door mat idea.

good job Russ!! nice work you guys.

Angela and Enrique said...

Wow, Russ built that? That is amazing. Good work Russ. Now Russ and Jace can get together and throw rotten apples (I think that is what it was) off the porch and onto your neighbors roofs. -if you don't know this story ask Russ

Kat Clark said...

Gah! Love the mat!

Anonymous said...

you look fantastic!

Sarah loves it all said...

Seriously, I feel like I am HUGE for 24 weeks. Also, I laughed at the bending over. Totally stared at a random store clerk today when I dropped something out of my purse. Yeah, she picked it up for me. To my credit, I was holding E as well, so it was a double no way.

Caitlin said...

ha! never a dull moment over here. thanks emily. btw, your tweeting always cracks me up :)

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