recipe club

my friends and i have been talking about a recipe lunch club for months, and finally Jenna made it happen. she hosted first and picked "Ina Garten" as her theme and we all made recipes from Ina's library.
we both share an affinity (i'm borderline obsessed) for Ina, and had to pay our respects.
it was such a great meal - lemon rosemary chicken, greek salad, pesto pea salad, coconut macaroons, and lemon cake. yuummerss. i don't know how we'll top it.
 because i'm due soonest (3 of us are pregnant) i get to host next month, and my mind is racing with theme ideas! 

i think keeping it small and to people who are really excited about it was a really great idea, despite my "more the merrier" inclination  - the smaller the group, the smaller the portion size you have to make, the less worry about entertaining all the kids at once, and place settings are do-able. meaning no one will have to eat off the "cookies for santa" plate, like guests at our house are accustomed to.

Jenna runs the cooking site Just Cook Already and has graciously offered up her pretty invites to anyone who wants to start their own club. she'll even personalize them with your info, great right?!

we'll be sharing our club recipes and themes at Just Cook Already, but here is the recipe for my salad. it's Greek Panzanella, and it is a favorite at our house. 
photography by Jenna for Just Cook Already


wishful nals said...

so cute! and looks so fun. wish i lived closer & maybe i'd invite myself. :)

kylee said...

recipe club. genius.
now i not only have the goal of being in a book club, but recipe club as well.

Amy said...

Hello there, not sure how I found your great blog, but I love it! Been enjoying it for a month or so now...couldn't help to comment on this Ina post...LOVE HER. I know most of those recipes you named well. Sounds like fun and beautiful setting! xoxo

Amber said...

I love this idea! The place settings are so pretty too. You girls always have the best party decorations!

I might just have to gather up some friends and try this out! Sounds so fun!

moxiemandie said...

So fun & those napkins are gorgeous! Love LOVE them!

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