Hayes, month XV

Hayes is 15 months and, for the record, over the last month he:

  • became the walking champion of the world. i can't believe how he has just taken off with it. i had a feeling he wouldn't do it until he felt 100% comfortable and confident. he took longer to do it, but he rarely falls. my dad jokes he gets that from the kartchner side - if we're not good at something from the get go, we really don't want to do it at all. like me and bowling.
  • when he's walking and he wants to turn around, he plants is right foot and uses his left leg to do this little pivot turn thing until he gets in the direction he wants.
  • still sleeps like crazy. 12 hours at night and (2) 2+ hour naps a day. he's only awake for 2 hours before each nap so basically it feels like all he does is sleep. 
  • loves pasta and marinara sauce- and eats adult size portions of it.
  • hasn't added much to his vocabulary since he started walking, but he did add "two" when we're saying 1,2,3 before doing something. he thinks he's singing along to the hot dog dance song and the mouskedoer song, on mickey mouse clubhouse, but not quite...
  • says prayers! we didn't try to teach him this, which makes me feel a little crappy as a mother, but i guess it's okay since he learned by watching us. he folds his arms, bows his little head, but his eyes still look up at you, and his voice becomes uncharacteristically low and quiet and he talks gibberish. after the first prayer, he will do this 5+ more times while he's eating. too cute.
  • speaking of prayers. church is a jooooke. i don't know why we even bother, he is so loud & distracting to everyone around him. one of us ends up taking him home after the first hour to sleep, but that first hour is pretty worthless.
  • is obsessed with shoes. putting my shoes on, putting his shoes on, picking shoes out, saying "shoes" over and over. i don't know if its because he knows he needs them to go outside (another obsession) or what, but if there are shoes in his perimeter, he will be on them.
  • has no new teeth. but i love to hear his little rabbit crunch, ice or chips especially.
  • if i give him a little cup of ball ice, he will sit contentedly until each ball is devoured.
  • an oreo cookie will buy me 20 minutes of quality get stuff done time. he nurses those cookies!
  • licks his little fingers, blows kisses, does the "aah" face from home alone and makes us laugh all day long.
  • thinks anything donald duck says is hilarious. loves to watch "charlie bit me" on you tube and then stick his little finger in everyone's mouth hoping they'll recreate it with him.
  • we gave him a baby doll and refer to it as his little brother's name, hopefully this doesn't confuse or traumatize him when the baby is actually here. but he is so sweet to that doll. hugs and kisses all day long.
  • is still the sweetest boy around. all he wants to do is love on everyone around him. his little buddies love to rough him up, but he doesn't get fazed, he still tries to hug and kiss them. 
  • with that being said, he hit me in the face for the first time when he was mad at me for something. i was shocked the day had arrived. so far he hasn't hit anyone but me, but i'm keeping my eye out. when he gets mad he throws his stiff arms down into his thighs and scowls. it's hard not to laugh. who new the little lamb had feist in him?! 
  • when i tell him to be soft he strokes my face lightly from top to bottom.
2 more months until baby brother is here and i am in shock and denial, but pretty much ready to not be pregnant anymore...