the second of july

as promised, the pics of the ultra fabulous 2nd of July party
hosted by Courtney & Wyatt.
pretty sure you can't beat this spread. so summery & delicious.

the infamous dessert spread...
and the sloppy party guest at his best:

he had mellowed out some when we finally got home, 
enough to show him a sparkler or two...
he loved it of course. we kept waiting for him to get woken up by the fireworks going on the other side of his bedroom window all weekend, but it never happened!
utah legalized aerial fireworks this year & 
it literally sounded like WWIII for three nights straight.
it looked, on the other hand, absolutely amazing. 

if you're wondering where the other party guests are... there were plenty.

i choose to operate under the (de)illusion that it's my blog & until i am no longer pregnant people that are prettier & skinnier than me need not apply to be on it. (if you read these recaps you will see that everyone at that party fits that criteria, hence no one made it in this post.)

party photos by Nicole except for the bottom collage.


Auntie Em said...

ha ha ha I LOVE your delussion

Griffin and Gretchen said...

also disliking skinny unpregnated people too.

Suzy said...

What a great party! I like those wood signs, what a cool idea!

Jenna Robert said...

Haha, puhlease, if I knew I would look half as good as you pregs I wouldn't be nearly as scared of pregnancy. You look amazing! PS: Hayes is getting SO cute.

Liz Stanley said...

gorgeous party! (and gorgeous belly, lady)

bethanykartchner said...

I think you are the prettiest. And you are growing a child in your belly i would hope you aren't the skinniest one there..

Sarah loves it all said...

This is so funny Emily! I feel the same way except- I'd rather NOT be in any pictures.

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