this weekend all i have to do is sew a couple pillows & dye a slip cover for a chair & a half.
i can't believe it. you should have seen the length of the many to-do lists  i made obsessively over the last few months. slowly but surely, everything's been checked off the list, down to the perfectly folded tiny onesies. an impossible feat without my always patient & hardworking husband. truly he has been nothing short of amazing.

this weekend it's time to relax & enjoy the last days of this pregnancy. first, a pedicure & a lunch with an equally uncomfortable pregnant friend. i am so grateful to have friends in the same boat around me. all you have to do is look at them & a million words are spoken. 

my so-sweet dad gave me a gift card early in my pregnancy good for one pedicure a month until my due date. what an amazing gift, i love being able to indulge without guilt! 

tonight my thoughtful family are making us dinner filled with my favorite foods and on monday my mom set up a cleaning service to get our (disaster) house sparkling. my heart is going to burst with how generous my family is & although it sounds like a bunch of bragging, i am so grateful! i know they don't expect anything in return, but in addition to a new grandson/nephew, i owe them big!

happy weekend! 


moxiemandie said...

I love those thoughtful gift ideas! Hope you get some rest lady!

burgundy boots said...

ew, im loving you and your cute little family!!!! what do you do with oncies? i make some in my spare time (which is never) for friends & family. i usually embroider something cute or use some applique (is that how you spell that?).

Anyway, so cute.

aka burgundy boots


chari-o said...

this post makes me so happy and so homesick! i wish i were there to help out too. xoxo

carO__ said...

What a wonderful and creative gift your dad gave you! I'm going to have to link this post to my husband our next goaround :)

I hope you lived out a calm peaceful enjoyable weekend!

Christen E. Krumm said...

ahhh!! I had no idea you were expecting again!! (I was following via iPhone and then switched iPhones and .. well.. long story)

Congrats!! I'm awaiting the arrival of my #2 as well!! Any day now!! Can't wait!!

Good Luck!!


Emily Dickson said...

Saw your tweet that you had your baby! I can't wait for you to post about the little guy. I hope all is well!!!

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