Hayes, month XVII

Hayes is 17 months and, for the record, over the last month he:
  • got a brother! he loves Cal so so much. if Cal is in sight, or in ear shot Hayes wants to be right there with him. he loves to put his arms around him, and give him big open mouth kisses/licks. if Hayes gets hurt he wants Cal, apparently Cal is his new soother.
  • hit Cal one time and we didn't even need to scold him, he saw Cal was upset and he started crying too, and tried to hug and hold him. he hasn't been rough with him ever since! Hayes has a tender heart to say the least.
  • although he has adjusted really well to having a baby around, his nighttime sleep schedule has been a wreck.  it's our own fault because some nights we thought maybe he was getting another molar (he had a little more "stress" in his cries, haha) so we'd pull him out to get him tylenol. he caught on real quick to that act. we've basically had to re-sleep train him multiple times since Cal has been home. i never thought my newborn would be sleeping better at night then Hayes. brutal! 
  • naps are still great, sometimes he reverts back to 2x/day.
  • getting all kinds of teeth in the back regions of his mouth. they make him super grumpy! 
  • still loves his "chi." we are constantly trying to find the right moment to take it away from him so he doesn't notice. if he does notice he'll point at you and with the most stern look on his face say "chiiii!" he says it just like i would say "Haayyyes" if he was doing something naughty. hilarious.
  • talks the most when we're reading his favorite books. he loves to bring me "Go Dog Go" so he can say "Go Gah Go" loves books with animals in them so he can say their sounds.
  • very polite, he'll always say please (eeese!) and is actually a really good listener and pretty obedient.
  • talks so much gibberish. he's got the inflections down - he sounds legit, but just like he's speaking another language.  
  • he's starting to try and run, and he has the cuts, bumps, bruises and scrapes to prove it. he looks pretty rough, but hopefully he'll get better at it.
  • went to his first movie in a theater! we saw Winnie the Pooh the day it came out. he held tight to his stuffed pooh bear the whole movie & had stars in his eyes! he sat really quietly for the first 45 minutes and then got antsy, which was fine since the move was one hour long. 
  • we still can't tell the difference between his head shaking "no" or "yes" it looks the exact same. usually when it's "no" he swats at whatever we're offering him.
  • is a full blown shoe freak. it's my fault. he loves to bring everyone their shoes, and if i give him new shoes to put on he'll walk around all day just staring down at his feet.
  • the hardest adjustment with the baby has been for me. i feel like Hayes doesn't like me as much as he used to. it sounds pathetic, but it's true! he seems to come back around when i have time to really play with him. throw him up in the air, tickle him, wrestle with him. 
  • goes to the first hour of nursery at church. he has done really well & hopefully will keep loving it!
  • loves to play catch & t-ball with his dad.
  • started making this face anytime he gets excited about something, it just kills me!


Annie said...

Jace and Jenne are here in Cambridge with us and I seriously can't tell you how much we ALL love little Hayeser. I've been reading off a couple things on the list as we're all getting ready for bed. Can't get enough of this boy.

chari-o said...

Love him! I didn't know shoe obsessions were genetically inherited :)

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