out + proud

you better believe i have a plethora of pics just like this one...
Hayes is getting a little too good at sitting on this couch.
the latest & greatest couch instagram... 
just Hayes licking Cal. NBD.

anyway, back to the story:
for the first 2 weeks of Cal's life we were strapped to a bili-bed. 
the 3rd week we went to dinner, ran errands, went to the park, and even a wedding as a family of 4.

if you're a diligent reader, you already know this face:
Crystal. my favorite whackadoo friend.
we have too much fun when we're together, and no one is funnier in my book.
i tried to find a normal picture of her wedding day, and true to form, i couldn't find one. 
this week, finally, i gird my loins and took them out ♫with my by myself♫.
to the most dangerous place an inexperienced mom of 2 could go... the pool!
thankfully, i had help from my friends & it went swimmingly. womp womp.
Hayes was so pleased to be out with all his buddies!

 Ollie, Dash, Bear, Hayes
maybe even more stupidly, i went to the pool when i can't even get in the pool yet.
just another part of the postpartum experience no one will tell you about.
i will keep to that tradition and not tell you any more about it.

everything went smoothly & i even formulated some theories while we were there. yes being a mother of 2 is physically exhausting, sleep is hard to come by, and energy must be exerted for one or both children at all times. when they're asleep you can only hope to tend to your own hot mess self, or clean up some of their whirlwind. but, on top of physical exhaustion it's mentally pretty tiring, too. you're used to worrying about the welfare of one boy, and now you have two. while i was at the pool my mind was bouncing back and forth between Hayes & Cal and i doubt i had anything exciting to add to my friends' conversations. i think i probably looked like i was taking the math portion of the ACT the whole time. 

cheers to getting used  to even less unoccupied brain power!


E @ Oh! Apostrophe said...

Oh gosh I know that no brain power feeling all too well and I only have one! It's hard to have an adult conversation when you're preoccupied with making sure your kid is okay. Hopefully I'll get better at it. Your boys are so adorable!

Emma said...

these pictures are adorable. they are so cute together!

robin said...

but why? why couldn't you go in the pool? why, emily, why?

reading this brought back memories of when i first started going "out and about" after i had my second. it's exactly how you described it.

and where are you swimming? it looks like some beautiful, wilderness getaway! and talk about a group of kids with cool names!

Rebecca Emin said...

I just saw your birth video which is the most beautiful thing, so I came to visit your blog. Congratulations on the arrival of your little Cal, he is very gorgeous and I hope Hayes is happy to be a big brother. Make sure you get lots of rest.

Anna Culp said...

well, you sure make it look easy! you look fantastic!

Silvia said...

I literally LOL'd when I read ...with my by myself...
That's all.

Em & Gar said...

So, I've watched that birth video like a million times. I can't get over how amazing a beautiful it is. So glad you shared it.

Nicole Christensen said...

so proud.

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