forgive me a moment while i wax nostalgic...
when i was 2 years old, in 1988, my dad purchased his first computer:
a Macintosh.

he has never owned another brand of computer before or since, and i quite literally grew up with the Apple brand. it's been as consistent and reliable in my life as my religion.
my dad fell for Apple hook line and sinker, and every year a new product would come out
 & he'd bring it home. 
we'd all huddle around it with excitement.
in 2001 he brought home the 1st generation iPod, and my life was never the same. it's not dramatic, it's true! can you imagine life without it? would you want to?
i suppose what i love most about Apple is how they engineer and design for the right-brained people of the world, like myself. they cater to those who love music and art and design.
my family always caught a lot of flack for being Apple people, but the world eventually came around. even my husband was a skeptic at first, but like my dad, and myself, he's a sucker for it now as well.
i know that Apple will continue to be a beacon of vision to the world, but i can't help but feel like part of their genius died with Steve Jobs. i guess we'll see...

my dad's first computer:
image via

first generation iPod:
image via
image via

& finally.
Jack Kerouac, quoted in the Think Different ad campaign of 1998:
here's to being a little bit crazy.


Anonymous said...

Steve Jobs is really an icon. I hope that Apple keeps is edge in the tech market without Jobs at the helm.

Maybe you have already seen this. I just think it's so beautiful.


.caroline armelle. said...

my dad had that same little apple computer growing up. i remember using it when i was a kid! i think my dad kept his too! i should look for it, i bet it's a collectors item now.. ha!

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