tubby time

after a couple months of baths with me or showers with russ,
we finally realized Callum was missing out on the best bath of all...

 they love baths together! hayes is so sweet with him, kissing his face, pointing poking out his eyes & giving him zerbits (raspberries. what do you call them?)
and Cal can't get enough of Hayes, he smiles and laughs the whole bath. he kicks his legs wildly,
usually getting a few jabs at Hayes, Hayes just says "ouch! hahah! ouch!"
bath time is such a happy time!


E @ Oh! Apostrophe said...

ahhh so cute! good blackmail photos :) we call them zerberts around here.

Erica+Matson said...

I call them blow kisses.

emily+brett said...

this looks about right...except i'm in the tub too! haha. i love having baths with them and it makes this much easier with washing both kids. love it!

excited for bijou. hope everything is coming together for you. much luck!

Nicole Christensen said...

Never heard of Zerbits, but i like it. I cant wait for this to happen with Dash and tiny one.

Mamã do Gu said...

Hi!!!What is it like to have 2 babies?My son is 18 months and we are thinking of giving him a little brother/sister, but sometimes I think that he's still such a baby!!!
When I see your blog I can't help to think that it seems easy!!And you're babies pictures (like these ones) sure make me want to have another baby!!!

Jesse said...

awww so sweet!

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