twenty + six

the weeks leading up to my birthday i kept cringing at the thought of twenty-six. that seemed so old. 
but, now that i've had a minute to soak it up, i'm into it! when i look back and see how much has changed, how i've grown, this life of mine couldn't be what is it today without those 9,490 days to stretch it's legs. twenty-six sounds just right.

wearing the shirt the boys got me for my birthday
gap cardigan
h&m pants & beanie
steve madden boots
michael kors (rose gold) watch
just five months ago. everything has changed!
but change is good. i live for it, in fact.


in morse code said...

dang girl! love your pants and boots!! happy birthday again!

Michelle said...

Those chubby baby cheeks in the first photo are too much! Adorable! Happy Birthday =)

aubry. said...

26, you sweet young thing.

and those lace up boots! stop my beating heart....

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday! I always get a dose of happiness when i stop by your blog :)

Silvia said...

I was terrified of 26...still am.
PS- I have that shirt! Now I need those boots, those are rad.

Anonymous said...

How long does it take you to lace those babies up! Love them!

chari-o said...

what does your shirt say?

your post made me remember my 26th. Seems like a lifetime ago. and a time in my life that I would rather forget.

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