the last of the bertday, i swear.

utahan's have such an interesting accent. i am not exempt from this list, i catch myself talking sometimes and it's not pretty. the city we just moved from seemed to have a few accented words i'd never heard, one being "bert-day" instead of birthday. i heard it all. the. time. sort of cute slash sort of awful.

anyway, all that to say this is the last of my birthday posts. the physical celebrations carried on for a solid week. i loved it, and then hated it. spending time with loved ones is great, but when it's muss & fuss in your honor - ehyuck.

hayes wearing my birthday presents
working in SLC the morning of
happy birthday mail
hawaiian haystacks spread.

dinner with a load of friends at sundance.
cherice, nicole, and jenna
ashleigh & lindsay
me & rashelle
lindsay, shelly & me
what happened to kayti, i have no idea?!
 this was taken at chuck-a-rama an hour before sundance. 
yes, i ate two full dinners. i'd do anything for Pip & Pop (Russ' grandparents) and lets face it chuck-a-rama's cinnamon pull a parts are bomb.
my little sister is such a little magician. she came over to hang out
and before i knew i was rocking the most beautiful braided up-do.
 sunday after games:
my sons look like they are in an old-tyme western portrait. 
why so serious, boys?
 and even though this pic is garbage, i couldn't resist Hayes smiling face.
the best pic is ALWAYS the first we take, always!

my 26th birthday was one for the books. the cherry on top was hearing that i was included in
Alt Summit's up & coming blog list.
what an incredible honor. i could not top this birthday if i tried!  


Janine said...

Happy birthday. Looks like fun. I love the braid and I just want to squish those cheeks off of Hayes. Such a cut picture.

Kimberly Horne said...

Your family is too cute and congratulations! Birthdays are always worth celebrating and for having fun. Your updo is fabulous, how'd she do it?

xoxo, Jjanga

amanda said...

Happy late Birthday, and honestly, that is the most beautiful braided up-do I've seen! I'm glad that you had such a wonderful day/week.

Diana Amy said...

Happy Belated! I LOVE that braided up-do and must say that you, and all of your friends, have most excellent hair. Is it something in the water in Utah? Seriously.

chari-o said...

when i saw "ruffling feathers" on the list on someone's blog (can't remember whose)i almost cried. i'm so excited for you...and your feathers to take flight (was that so cheesey, like something-mom-would-say? forgive me.)

chari-o said...

in response to Diana Amy's comment. they do better hair in Utah. As I have heard from hair stylists who have worked in Utah and even here in NYC...

kylee said...

pretty sure i just said "happy birthday" 50 million times. turns out i say bert-day without even realizing it.

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