make way for love day

 our last night in vegas, Russ' mom watched the boys and we went out on a real live date. i couldn't tell you for certain, but it has been a----while. the combination of valet parking, max brenner desserts, shopping to my heart's content & Russ leaving the tables a black jack winner was invigorating. and walking through crowds of club-goers in too much cologne and body-con dresses galore, hand in hand,   and really grateful i don't have to look for love. it's in every square inch of my life. 

it got me all sorts of excited to celebrate love day next week. cheesiest day of the year? sure. this time around for some reason, i can't help myself.

here's how we're showing the love:

a doily/washi/paper garland railing. aka the trendiest v-day decor ever?
also, just keeping a tally of how many times i've told Russ how to say je t'aime... 16.

peanut butter kiss cookies, traded in for dove chocolate and reese's hearts.

 just don't leave your photo-op on the table while you take a phone call..

 pretty sure this one got his brother's left overs, judging by his crumb mustache.

planning on using up my extra studs for this tutorial
for our love day date.
i have a couple detachable collars and 
they're the perfect way to spruce up a simple outfit.
i have a slight obsession with peter pan collars lately.
also, while you're there check out Alison's Share the Love
7 Days of DIY! such good DIYs.

happy love day, lovers.


Erika said...

I love your trendy v-day decor. And pllllease give me one of those cookies. YUM.


sinika said...

I need to try those cookies- they look delicious!

Alison said...

HEY! Thanks! xo

Kat Clark said...

Holy chocolate by the bald man. I was in Vegas last year for 3 days and ate there twice!

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