muffin's birthday : 1/3

this series could also be called
the weekend Emily just kept re-braiding the same braid 3 days in a row
a study of how loved our kids are by their family and friends...
read on...

first party, with the buddies.
80 wings for 7 people at Rocky Mountain Wing Shak
"gotta love its" at Coldstone.
still full.

this is what i mean about the boys being well-loved:

Hayes with his new found obsession:
and Cal with his - his dagger fingernails.

so, i have this friend who has these pleated shorts... they're pretty hideous, though she loves them.
she insisted on pairing them with tights and they got all static-y up in here, up in here. what should i tell my friend to do???


Sarah Wilks said...

Ooh, my er, "friend," has that same problem with shorts and tights! If you find a solution, please let me know!

Kimberly Horne said...

You should probably get wear them more often on your dates out! They are hot!

xoxo, Jjanga

Danny and Shalayne said...

i love them - they are uber chic and look great on said friend. Put lotion on top of your tights. Not a goopy amount, just put a good amount on your hands and rub in to hands and then rub on top of the tights then put shorts on over. Solves my static issues every time.

Emily said...

Hairspray! I use it on my skirts and tunics all the time. Just spray it right on the inside. It also keeps runs or holes from getting worse on your tights.

Emily Frame said...

@Emily and Shalayne, thank you! I will try both!

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