friday business

i've got a few exciting things i've been involved with recently to share!
(so basically self-promotion at its worst, and for that i apologize,
but i'll make it quick!)

Lime Ricki's Spring line came out yesterday and  it is looking so so good. 

last weekend i had the pleasure of styling a photoshoot that will be used for all kinds of marketing for Lime Ricki, including... wait for it... a billboard!  
it should be popping up sometime next month, and i'll be sure to get a pic & share some of the photoshoot with you when it does! but, for now, check out some of my favorite suits they released yesterday:

i've been working a Project Runway casting director to find  Utah-based designers! with so much talent around these parts it wasn't hard to drop some names, if you were one of them, don't be mad at me :) if you (or someone you know) thinks you've got what it takes what can it hurt, right? email me for a direct contact!

A Handful of Peanuts interviewed me about mine and Russ' lo---ng history together. it was so fun, and i'd love for you all to go read  & say hi to Janine.
this pic was taken august 2005, hello youths!
(anyone else just LOVING Schmidt on New Girl? he kills me.)

and finally, here's wishing you a happy weekend!
thanks for humoring me.
one of my very best friends had a baby last night and i can't wait to nuzzle him.
mix that with a fun project with my sister Liz
and lots of family time... our weekend is shaping up real nice.


Brissa said...

"we built this schmidty. we built this schmidty on toooootsie roooooolls."

Meagan + Michael said...

Best show! Dang youths!

nichole said...

love to hear what you are up to... share away! & I can't wait to see what you and Liz come up with- two great minds.

emily+brett said...

Wow you are one luckylaaaday! I dream of styling. I just don't have huge ambitions in the blog world. Love the pic of you and Russ! Such love birds. And I'm so happy someone else watches New Girl! Schmidt has me rolling every week!

chari-o said...

oh my goodness i love schmidt too. i love your life little sister :).

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