april 2012

To My Cal:

9. Months. Old. Last week you surpassed 37 weeks and 2 days of life making your time in my arms longer than your time in my belly. I know that every minute is 60 seconds, no more no less, but holy cow 37 weeks and 2 days in my belly felt like an eternity, while 37 weeks and 2 days in my arms felt like the blink of an eye. I guess that's one question I'd like God to explain when I see Him next.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have you in my life, sweetest Cal. You are such a content and curious baby. So full of life, and laughter, and funny faces, and wonder. How my heart skips a beat when I hold you and you cling to me head into my neck, arms tight around my shoulders, legs suctioned to my waist, you are a koala bear incarnate. You cuddle everyone that holds you and it makes them feel like a million bucks. When you get shy you tuck your little head into mine and look up with your sweet little blue eyes and everyone says "awww!"

You are constantly pushing yourself to learn and try new things. You army crawl all over the place, pull yourself up onto all fours and rock those haunches back and forth. You will start to crawl 1-2 motions and then fall to your belly and kick your legs like a frog. You pull yourself up onto things, and after 3 minutes in your brother's crib you had already started to figure out how to climb out, something Hayes hasn't even attempted as a two year old (which is why he's still in it.) You love to clap your hands (or hold onto mine while I clap), give high fives, wave hi and bye - you know those tiny monkeys that street entertainers use to swindle people out of money - those tiny monkeys sit perched on their owner's shoulder and extend their tiny arm as high in the air as they can and wave their little hand? That's how you do it, too! Reaching as high as your arm will take you and then opening your tiny fist and closing it again. 

You still love to wrestle and gasp with glee when someone comes after you. You think it's hilarious when things are covering your face, and I will never understand why. You put babywipes tight over your nose and mouth and I can hear you sucking in for air so I move it off and you're laughing wildly - like it's so hilarious. Not funny at all, Callum. One of my favorite things you do is when you're just sitting, and your resting position always happens to look like this:
Just like Robert Plant during Led Zeppelin's hay day. You usually have both arms out and it makes me laugh every time.

Your latest and greatest accomplishment is your first word. "Uh-oh!" On top of that first word you have also choreographed actions with it. Picking up a toy and dropping it off the table, dropping food off the high-chair, pushing a glass candle off the ledge. Then you say "uh-oh!"It's so unbelievably cute I haven't had time to analyze what that first word says about you - I probably don't want to know, do I?

Nursing is your fave, although I feel like me versus every sound, movement, light flashing around you to keep your attention. You are probably most happy when you have a chunk of big people food in your fists. Your two little bottom teeth are razor sharp and your big top tooth seems to get the job done, too. 

It's been a big month of learning for you, and I couldn't be prouder, or more pleased, or grateful that you are my son. The pleasure is truly all mine and the world is yours, Cal.



chari-o said...

oh I love these so much! It makes me feel not so far away...and so far away all at the same time.

in morse code said...

his faces crack me up. animated!

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