pool honeys

this particular day was cold & rainy so we packed everyone up and went to the Lehi Legacy Pool.
it's an amazing indoor (and outdoor) facility with lots of fun things for the boys to do. Hayes spent his time warming up to it & then was irate to leave.
i am sure he'll find his way back to his usual love of the pool. last summer he was fearless!
Cal is a water baby to say the least, and loved swimming around in our arms.

Tim and I swam laps. i forget what a great workout it is.i swam throughout my pregnancy with Hayes and loved it, definitely felt good to swim my heart out.

this reminds me that i will not be doing any water parks with the boys on my own this season - totally terrifies me. it's definitely a 4-arm job. thank goodness for our complex's community one foot deep baby pool, i think i can handle that one one my own. 


Anonymous said...

where is your bathing suit from?

Grace Lynne Fleming said...

these photos are just too precious :)


Ladies Holiday said...

That place looks like some kind of awesome. A playground for bigs and littles!

Emily Frame said...

Swim suit is Shade!

sinika said...

My boys call this the "big bucket pool" :)

Once you can get a kid to work a life jacket, it is easier on your own with two little ones. They can float on their own while you lead them around and hold the baby. (My husband is not much of a swimmer...)

bethanykartchner said...

EM your arms are ripped!

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