beach boys

we spent every spare minute at the beach. the resort we stayed at, Sandos Caracol, had an awesome private beach, and we also hit up Tulum Ruins' beach. absolutely breathtaking.
you just can't beat white sand beaches and crystal clear aqua water.
 a couple beach volleyball tournaments. it was funny listening to the score in 10 different languages each play - english, spanish, german, italian, etc. who knew mexico was such an international hot spot?
 Quincey was determined to fly that kite, and fly it she did!

 Cal warmed up to the idea of sand and looked like a cinnamon sugar donut most of the time. just covered!

Tulum Beach was an afternoon i'll never forget. we took the boys out before the breakers (the beach at Sandos hardly had any waves because of a reef) and jumped with all the waves. they both loved it and did it for hours. they excitement on their faces never wavered even after 30+ waves, it was so thrilling to experience the beach through their eyes. it made me love it even more.

i bought the life proof iphone case for Russ so we had it literally everywhere, in the sand, in the water, on the table at the buffet getting fanta spilled all over it. i highly reccomend it! click the image for details...

and of course some instagrams (@emilyframe). we didn't have service the whole week and only had wifi if we sat in the lobby. it was amazing! so nice to unplug for awhile.


carla thorup said...

that first picture of you is GUHH-ORGEOUS. seriously. russ is a lucky dude.

this whole trip sounds incredible.

Kacie @ A Collection of Passions said...

LOVE. You're family is beautiful!


Cate said...

Your photos feel like I went somewhere cool...when really I am just sitting here at my computer :)

jessica kiehn said...

that first picture of you and Hayes is so wonderful. Frame it, Frames!

Anonymous said...

I love how you described him as a donut as he was covered with all the sand. cute

Look so beauitful and fun!

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