good hair day / 1

Brought to you by Salon K.a full-service salon located at5047 Edgewood Drive in Provo, UT.(801) 226-7985 open Tuesday-Saturday.

Salon K (my local Salon of choice and new blog sponsor) and i are teaming up to bring your a monthly column of sorts about all things hair.
for this month's Good Hair Day i wanted to start with the best head of hair in the Frame family:

one thing that drives Russ and I crazy
(and i'm sure Hayes, too)  is that his bangs are always in his face. they're super close to being long enough to tuck behind his ear, so we've agreed to just tough it out.

his hair is baby soft and baby fine and it acts like dominoes in the sense that once one piece of hair falls forward the rest follow suit. we are slightly worried about his neck because he has to lean his head back pretty far if he wants to see out from under the wall of bangs. we've used bobby pins, but then we get to hear what a pretty girl we have. (really? he's wearing a basketball jersey and high-tops and he's got two fist-fulls of matchbox cars, but that tiny silver bobby-pin threw you off, really?)

i was lamenting to the Salon K girls about how his hair is ideal after swimming. he's had water, sweat, sunscreen and wind through his hair and it stays out of his face no problem.
they listened and brilliantly suggested Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray!
a liquid spray that leaves my hair looking like i just spent a day at the beach.
it has solved all our Hayesie hair woes. because his hair is so silky and fine, it needs texture and it needs a little grit. Surf Spray uses a salt derivative so it acts like ocean water, but it doesn't actually dry your hair out. 
(this is why you should avoid making your own surf spray... unless you have access to a lab that makes salt derivatives.)
anyway, we've been using it for a week or so & i am sold:

buy Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray (and complete line) at Salon K.
or online here.

if you have anything you'd like to see covered, tutorial ideas, or questions for the Salon K professionals, let me know and we'll be sure to include it. until next month!

oh, and happy weekend! 


Gretchen Walker said...

He really does have the perfect hair. I'm kinda hoping Jude's grows out like that. Also mine is perfect after beach/swim hair so I must try this.

Jessica said...

i love surf spray!

jessica kiehn said...

How does Hayes know how to curl his tongue at 2 years old?! Genius.

Kaylea said...

i have a question...i had really long hair and i got it cut after i had my son. why oh why?? i hate the cut. it's medium length and super layered. should i keep letting it grow out (it's been 5 months) or get another cut to even it out?

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

surf spray is awesome!

Michelle and Aaron Darais said...

So excited about these new collaboration! Oh and that is very good to know about the home made surf sprays- I had no idea there was a difference.

in morse code said...

sold sold sold!!! i have the same problem with Myer-- thin, fine, hair that falls straight. I'm gonna get this stuff! Thanks Emily!

chari-o said...

so hansome!

bethanykartchner said...

to kaylea: It really depends on how its laying. If you feel like it's too thick in some areas, just not styling well at all, I would suggest going and getting a trim to re-shape it.

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