cal's birthday

Cal's birthday was on thursday, but his birthday party wasn't until saturday so he was in prime positioning for a birthday weekend! i'll be sure to post all about his "honeyman" party but first, here's a peek at his big day!

after Cal's early morning feeding we had him in bed with us so when he woke up for the day we could shower him with snuggles and kisses and happy birthday wishes. little did we know the kid would sleep until 10:30. this is normal for Hayes, but Cal is usually up and running by 8 or so. Russ had long gone to work and Hayes and basically watched him sleep waiting for him to wake up so we could party!

 thankfully Russ only had to work a couple hours and then had the day off to spend with Cal.
we did Cal's favorite things of course:

"dah!!" he's obsessed with dogs. 
 swam in our friend's pool, had a sodie all to himself (fresh lime squeeze) and a pile of fries for lunch from Ripple's. the kid loves himself some french fried tates.

Cal is incredibly dextrous, coordinated, and precise in everything he does. 
he's also not really afraid of anything, and wants to do everything himself.
the plasma car was no exception.
he's barely tall enough, so he leans to one side and pushes with one foot while the other one can't reach.
since we actually wanted Cal to be able to ride his plasma car we knew we'd probably just have to get two. that's the nature of the two year old beast.
we found an awesome local deal - 2 for $60, so we felt okay about it.
plus, they look pretty darn cute riding the sidewalks together.

 and when Cal's ready to get off he makes the "all done" action.

that night we had tickets for our whole little Frame crew to see Band of Horses.
our besties the Rammells were bringing their boys too, so we made it a group endeavor.
dinner at Settebello and dessert at Bruges.
and finally tried a new-to-me San Pellegrino flavor - Pompelmo (bitter lemon)
you know how i love my flavored San Pell.
it's basically like a grapefruit flavor and so... just... mmmm.
no local stores carry this particular flavor so i'm on the lookout for a reason to head back up.

 Band of Horses was so incredibly packed and hot. we hung back on the grass and watched the boys wrestle.

 Juder-Pop and Cal-Babe. born three weeks apart.
we finished the night off with a round of waffles at Bruges.
Jenna was so sweet to bring a candle for Cal so we could sing to him.
a few guys on the street stopped to sing happy birthday to him with us, hence the concerned face.
 birthday party pics up next!


laura said...

happy birthday to cal! sounds like a fun celebration for the whole family :)

Cate said...

What a sweet little boy! I hope he had a happy first birthday! Getting two plasma cars was brilliant!

Brooke said...

His face in the last picture kills me! Little cutie!

Topsy said...

Good! Keep those pictures comin'

kristen said...

such a fantastic day!! he is sooooo cute! and that last family pic is the most beautiful pic of you in the world! you look like a model. i mean, always, but it shines so much in that pic. beautiful family.

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