August 2012

Cal at 13 months: 
☞ not into walking on his own yet, but walks up and down the stairs holding to the rails. stands on his own for a good chunk of time. if he doesn't want to walk holding onto my fingers he'll just hold his legs straight off the ground and won't plant them. it's hilarious.
☞ after being pregnant or nursing since August of 2009 i have started feeling the desire to give my body a break. trouble is this kid would still nurse every meal if i let him! he loves food too, but would never turn down a little of mama's good stuff. we made progress and are only nursing for naps and bedtime. this was a huge feat! 
☞ he loves to eat and snack! jelly toast, veggie straws, french fries, juice sippy cups, ice cream, apples, and lentil soup are his favorites these days. i made lentil soup several days ago and he's still eating a cup a day.
☞ he's a little gabber. i love hearing his little voice talking to himself. says lots of words, and added "apple" to his repetoire. i've also been teaching him animal sounds and he does a freaking cute elephant, monkey and lion sound.
☞ is the most independent kid. he is fine to play by himself and is usually roaming around the house on his own. like we were in the basement and he was two floors above us playing with toys the other day. his independence has made him the world's easiest baby. 
☞ insists on feeding himself, and is usually a lefty! if i am in a hurry i have to give him a spoon and shovel bites in between his own, he MUST DO IT HIMSELF.
☞ he is the sweetest love, he loves babies and he loves his little friends that are his size. gives the best open mouth kisses with a "mah!" sound too. 
☞ has a lot of fire to him. if he gets made or upset by something he will let you hear all about it. he can already stand his own with his brother. if Hayes takes his toy he'll grab his hair and scream at him until he drops it. i try not to laugh.
☞ he's got the world's best tan. that 1/32 Blackfoot Indian from his daddy might as well be 1/2. 
☞ he's got 6 teeth - 4 on top, 2 on bottom and is working on another one.
☞ sleeps great! 12 hours and then goes right back down for another 2 hour nap and then another 2 hour nap later in the day.

there's a song that says "your love is my turning page, where only the sweetest words remain." that's how i feel about Cal. he is my honeyman, sweet from head to toe.


Carley said...

what a cutie!! he reminds me of my baby girl thats just a couple months younger. love that white blonde hair!!

Pink Coffee Photo said...

That crying face at the top is KILLING me. So cute!!

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