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the denim shirt is another fall staple of mine.
i think it's been indoctrinated as such because i went to a uniform-wearing private school from 2nd to 6th grade. 
we could wear these awful overdyed denim button downs as a part of our small rotation (sort of like the one pictured in the 7th slot below.) i'm not much of a uniform girl now or ever (although i am a total believer in their efficacy.)
my school was the most lenient on socks,
so of course my sock drawer was loud, colorful and obnoxious.

but enough misty eyed nostalgia. the denim shirt can hang in just about any situation. 
dressed up (with a formal maxi skirt) or down (with a different color denim skinny and ankle boots) it all just screams FALL! to me.
and if good ones weren't so hard to come by (i spent years on the hunt for my small inexpensive collection of a well fitting jean jacket, chambray dress, and denim shirt) i'd be pulling the bleach out! (spot #6.)

in real life:
denim button-down [H&M] skirt [AMERICAN APPAREL] shoes [JEFFREY CAMPBELL]
silver cuff [F21] turquoise rings [CUSTOM MADE] & [SECONDHAND]
and i am totally mortified that i just pulled the fashion blogger go-to fake-out
"oh let me just check my shoe buckle to be sure it's still functioning properly"
so you can simultaneously see a close-up of my kick-A shoes and wrist full (or lacking) of accessories.
groan, Emily. groan.

also: yet another ridiculously awesome pair swiped from Bethany that she may never see again because i wore them for 10+ hours the other day in comfort and only one partially rolled ankle.


Jenny Jackson Kersting said...

Love your pin real life feature! You look gorgeous as usual. Nice to see all the cute trends pulled off in real life.

Hilary said...

This outfit is brilliant and those shoes! Unreal!

carla thorup said...

i cant' believe you only has 1 partial roll. i obv wld need more practice. you look good, girl!

Emily said...

another awesome real life pin! love that shirt.

Cate said...

You look amazing and only 1 partial roll is an accomplishment all on its own!

Jessica Broyles said...

You're hilarious and trendy! Love those shoes!!


Ginger said...

Love love love denim shirts. I'm counting the days until summer ends so I can wear one without sweating through it. I'm thinking I might also play with a little bleach this fall...


Ms Duran said...

Hi there, new to your blog, and I really enjoy what I've seen so far... a question from a true addict, which JC shoes are those specifically? I can't find them anywhere and I'm in love!

Ripped Nylon

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