tribal shower

my dear friend Shelly is due any day now with her first boy baby and we pushed our luck anyway and
fit in a little tribal themed shower!

it's been awhile for my friends and i to throw a party. it used to be seemingly a weekly occurrence, and then when we all had our second babies all weeks or months apart, it just stopped. 
this was the perfect amount of work to get us off the bench. we threw up a few fringe/tassel banners i had on hand,
and put together a few well designed elements (by Jenna of course - scroll to the bottom.)

 Shelly and her amazing sisters, Kara was our high school bestie and we just keep adding her sisters yearly. they're the best.


in a freshly picked leather bowtie, i'm telling you now, it's a must have for fall. i saw her line-up of colors and sticking to just two was a challenge.

and the favors:
chocolate rock candy, a tribal patterned notebook, turquoise polish, pyramid studs, and a couple toys to bring home to the babies. Nicole and i had so much fun gathering it all, it's nice when your theme is on trend!

it's a friendly tradition to do a version of wishes for baby, Jenna whipped this one up to fit with the theme.
and look at the cutest hostess gifts she brought us! obsessed.


Reina and Tyler said...

this is so great! i love the theme and those favors are fantastic! any idea where that devo shirt is from? love it!

Topsy said...

Well well well, let this be a reminder to me to ask you for help and advice next time I throw any sort of shower, luncheon, party, etc. I usually just use whatever room in my house we're using as the theme. "This luncheon is kitchen themed!" That way everything from the table and chairs to the blender counts as decoration.


Shelly Hyde said...

love this em. thanks for such a great party! xo

kara jo haught said...

so glad i could be there! love yall

Ryan Carr said...


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