it's better to look up

we pulled up to the look out point for the most gorgeous waterfall a mere minutes away from our home.
while we all piled out of the car, Cal resting in his favorite position - his dad's shoulders - stared at the waterfall in amazement.
he's always been the little nudge i needed to remember to look up
growing and changing at lightning speed, i have to be present or i miss it all.

on top of my own urgency in the matter, i feel the need to pass it along to the boys too.
we strive to be the parents who teach their children how to truly experience the world around them. not to leave one rock unturned, or one leaf untouched.
after all an unexamined life is not worth living, right Socrates?

but more than that, for them to trust in me that everything will be okay.
to teach that after all you can do,  sometimes you just have to look up and trust that things will all work out.
to trust that our lives have purpose and meaning and that we're uncovering it all step by step.
to let go of the things that anchor us to the unimportant
and reach for something more.

Provo Canyon September 2012
happy weekend!


Tiffany said...

You have a way with words, girl.

whitney johnson said...

"to trust that our lives have purpose and meaning and that we're uncovering it all step by step." genius! exactly what i needed to hear today! love your perspective. thanks girl :)

Anna @ IHOD said...

How true this is. I love your perspective on life Emily! So happy to have discovered your blog. Its refreshing to "meet" other mama bloggers.

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