labor day

Russ' little sister McKenzie ("Hers") stayed with us the past week and we had a lot of fun with her! we spent lots of time together with Russ' brother Mitch too, all we were missing was Grandma Ingrid who was working back at home in Vegas. 

Hayes still has 18 inches to go before he can ride the race cars, so bumper boats it is!

at this point in time they were getting tag teamed by a coupla 7 year olds.

 Cal wanted in so bad.
 he yelled for Hayes for the majority of their ride. i told you he had fire in him!
 don't mind my unbrushed scarf head. 
 Russ taking his turn on the claw. a guy ahead of him spent like $40 trying to win that red bear. so of course muffin figured he could do it in one try. no dice.
a few instas of the evening. 
go-karts! mohgwasses (motorcycles) and what $15 in tokens looks like in tickets.
trading in his hundred arcade game tickets for a "finger skateboard" that a cricket could ride comfortably, a box of nerds and two laffy taffys. we're in the wrong business, time to open an arcade!

 Hers is 14 but anyone would think she was 20. either way, that didn't stop us from catching up on our ABC Family original movies and shopping at stores where i no longer am of the correct age demographic. she took probably 500 pics over the week (490 of them of the boys) so i'm sure there's more where this came from!
we'll miss you Hers!


teacakemake said...

I think your hair looks great with that tie in, super pretty!

kate365til30 said...

Your kids are the cutest. I love that picture of Cal screaming for Hayes! :)

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