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oh mah gash. 
let's talk about Elisa Nalin for a second.
an Classical Art major, ex-designer for Costume National turned Parisian stylist
and my style crush as of late.

her sunny disposition and her outrageously bright wardrobe consistently catch my eye.
she is fearless and you can tell she just loves fashion, but she doesn't take it too seriously.

i've been pouring over her street style and had to narrow it and narrow it again just to end up with 12 looks. crazy.

she is so good at layering textures and colors and her style equation seems to be
knee length skirt or trousers, wild blouse, topped with a tailored jacket, an additional texture layer comes in with her handbags and as if she needed any more oomph she throws in some weirdly killer shoes.

image credits: stockholm streetstyle / style peeper

a friend and i were talking about her and i was issued a challenge to channel my inner Nalin in a way that is digestible for the everyday woman. here we go.

in real life:
striped blouse and *sweater [F21] cheetah jeggings [Target (girls)] ankle lace-up booties [GoJane.com] watch [Timex Easy Reader]

first order of digestibility was to stick to a strict color palette. it make layering patterns much less daunting. we went to my friend's neighborhood pizza party in the heart of a conservative town and no one even glanced twice at me. i think that's a success!

so what do you think? is it digestible, or giving you some serious heartburn?


Jess Frost said...

Super cute outfit. I've been nervous about layering patterns but sticking to a strict colour palette works well and makes it much easier to figure out!

Kirsten said...

I loove this! I have never heard of her but I like her style!!!


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