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Brought to you by Salon K. a full-service salon located at 5047 Edgewood Drive in Provo, UT.(801) 226-7985 open Tuesday-Saturday.

If money was no option I would have a full-time scalp massager / hair player person. Nothing feels better in my opinion. It's gotta be the best perk of working at a salon in my eyes? A close second would be having your hair styled by someone else everyday when the stylists have down time.

Case in point Chevron Bobbies. what started as a little messing around turned into a totally easy yet innovative hair do. i kept thinking how perfect it would be for a holiday party or night out. just the right amount of edge, as we all know i search for like a little lost lamb.

easily done on long or short hair, and this one you don't need a hair stylist sister to do.

here's some simple instructions:
Start by pinning above your ear, and then hook the second pin through the first angling it downward. Repeat this process further back your head until you get the desired look.
you can go further spread like above or a tight chevron pattern for a bit more drama.


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