October 2012

Oh man, I am just completely obsessed with this kid. He could not be sweeter, could not be more funny, could not be more fiery, and has a real fondness for dangerous situations.

pics from instagram @emilyframe

His kisses on the lips with a long audible "mmmmwah!"
How he lays his head down on your shoulder, arms wrap around yours, legs tuck in under your arms when you hold him for a hug.
His perfect feet and their amazing point.
His mouthful of white chiclet teeth (he got 4 molars and 2 tiny teeth this month - yeeowch, nursing!)
How when you ask him if he wants something and if it's a yes he yells in his deep raspy voice "Daaah!"
How much he loves his two shows, Bubble Guppies and Yo Gabba Gabba. He loves to dance to them and asks for them by name "Bugga Guggy!" or "Daba Daba!"
There's this episode of Gabba called Family and the Roots sing this song about how they lovely love their family and he loves for me to hold him and slow dance with him during that part. so does Hayes in fact, so they have to take turns, and when the other one is in my arms they watch us the whole time,smiling.

If he realizes what he's doing is funny, he will do it until the sun goes down:
Playing peek a boo with me but only slightly removing his hands from his eyes and squishing his own face.
Walking as fast as he can to get away from me, screaming the whole time. he usually drops down to his crawl because that is incredibly fast.
Splashing in the tub with such vigor that I'm sure he can't breathe, but his mouth is open so wide and he's so darn pleased with himself he just keeps going.
He loves to eat, and eats a whole heck of a lot. He is a big fan of dipping his whole hand into sauce and condiments and sucking it off. i caught him using this method in the toilet bowl the other day to get a little bevvy. i suppose he has an immune system of steel at this point.
he loves to read books but only like one page of them and then he grabs another one, he thinks books with sounds (the ear book, the wonderful sounds mr. brown can do) are hilarious, and the more into the sound effects i get the better.
He's a big fan of Elmo and when you ask him "what does Elmo say" he gets this fake high pitched voice and says "Ehmo-uh-you!" (Elmo loves you!)

Just try take a toy away from him and see what happens. Just try. He's FREAKISHLY strong and i seriously have to use muscle to get stuff out of his grip. when i succeed he does the Tom Cruise in The Firm objection move and says "Nahoh!" (i realize you're all saying it in your head, but you're saying it wrong probably. like nah then oh but all one syllable.) he does this movement 12+ times and i seriously feel so chastised after.
he is like his brother in the sense that they do not forget and are relentless. except cal is more so. the other day a balloon floated to the top of a 20 foot ceiling and he yelled at me for 20 minutes to get it down for him. mind you there were three other balloons easily in his reach, but he had to have the one that got away.
he does this suckling pig squealing noise when he's mad that will drive his poor father to drink in the near future, i fear.
he's just really smart and maybe this plays into this part of his personality. he says so many words, probably as many as Hayes said at age 2. animals, sounds, people, thank you please, fictional characters, food etc. a TON of words.

He has fallen off of things, stairs, ledges, tubs so many times and it's not without due dilligence on my part. i feel like he loves the thrill cause he keeps going for it. this video might portray this for me,
don't worry i added "animal bar" by red hot chili peppers to it, but imovie hates babies, happiness, and especially yours truly, so just hum it to yourselves. ooof.

Oh, honeyman, we love lovely love you!

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Reenie said...

Sweet adorable boys. =)

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