teh-wet time

Potty Training!

Ermagersh it's such an energy zap, what is with that? Why is asking a tiny person if they need to pee every 4-5 minutes so tiring?

Either way Hayes is a champion for going number one in his "Lightbean A-queen" potty or on the "big teh-wet" he likes to keep it interesting. One incredible fact about this is that he does not like to go in public restrooms (take a number, Hayes.) He will hold it until he gets home. We were out for four hours the other day and he drank juice like Drunk Uncle and held it that whole time. It's was a real-nailbiter. So yay for only two pee accidents the first two days, and then he's been dry-sailing ever since.

Number two... is still a process. The poor kid's morning dump is lit-rally a two hour session. His morning is too busy to sit on the throne, so he goes about his day and then does a partial squat every once and awhile, looks at me like he's just seen a ghost and says "mom i gotta go, poop" or directly translated : "mom i just went poop a little." soooo we're working on it.

In retrospect the small signs Hayes gave me to start potty training were there a number of times, but i just wasn't ready. my inner dialogue would go something like this "ah man, he wants to use the toilet, he WANTS to. but if he pees on the floor i'm gonna say something and he's gonna feel bad, and he's gonna be ashamed. remember that book about narcissists? they became that way because their mothers shamed them, i can't deal with another narcissist in my life. oh gosh he's wiping his own bum, he's so cute... "Hayes don't take off your diaper! Love your diaper, leave it on until your in Kindergarten okay?"

So after a few big projects were under my belt and my mind was a lot less preoccupied we went for it. Potty chart complete with stickers he picked out, a treat for just sitting on the toilet and trying to go, and a better treat for when he actually went. i made a Typical Mom "woo hoo" for him every time and he looked up at me with those blue eyes so proud, i could've cried. once he filled up his first potty chart he could pick one (in a reasonable price range) at Target. he walked around with Raphael the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (he's never seen that show) until we got to the check-out at he saw Squinkies. This was my first experience with my kid wanting a toy that i had no idea what it was. he saw it in some commercial no doubt. what a lame toy that is! but give that marketing guy a raise, because Hayes puts them on his pillow at night one by one and tells me to tuck them in. 

Also, i want my screen saver to be his tiny bum in boxer briefs. so kewaht. (watch Happy Endings and love it, please.)


Tiffany said...

Congratulations Momma. Potty training is HARD.

Anonymous said...

good job hayes!

my mom used to run a daycare and to get the boys to stand up & use the potty she would throw cherrios in there so they could practice aiming. just saying...

speaking of kewaht... my coworkers say 'eww' all day long like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIhU3mQTp1U

The Pitts Family said...

Love your blog and read it awwwwl the time. In fact I am pretty sure if we lived in the same place we would be friends. I am not crazy. Anyway, I have managed to potty train two maniacs and waited forevah with my son too. After we started instead of accidentally going poo he would hold it ... for like days. His record was 6 whole days! Unfortunately there isn't any magic way to train 'em except just do it and jump up and down with excitement and give them m&Ms and stickers. Good luck!

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