cal's so tired.

holy cow, has it seriously been a month almost? thank you to those of you for checking up on me, i am alive, not pregnant, healthy, and apparently putting all my eggs in a small fry basket. my goal is to keep up this blog as much as i can for my personal family history's sake. you're all welcome to follow along of course, i hope you'll be patient with the unpredictable schedule!

the fact that these couch lines to match up is driving me crazy. please know that.

i can't believe i haven't documented Cal's go-to tired pose. i think i mentioned that after i weaned him he started playing with his belly button when he was tired. i about died because i did the same thing as a kid, and never met another living soul who did it too, except for my son. it was a very touching moment.

somehow the belly button got thrown out and he started ( i can't even type it without laughing ) tugging on his little baby nipples. like stretching them out or something. that evolved into just lightly tapping them, and then it evolved to an even deep stretch of all his poor shirt's necklines, as he found his arm pit. oh how we love you Callum.

after he started doing the arm pit thing, i think he realized he could have better access if his little arm was raised, so now he lifts his arm up to his head. he sleeps in this exact position too, just horizontally. i don't even know, man. kids are so weird.

he's had a cough for the last week or so, and been super tired, so he basically sits in this position all day. literally all of his shirts have baggy necklines, if you put him in a zipped up pajama onesie he will cry and cry as he cannot access the arm pit. he will plop down on the grass mid-play and pull this move. passersby probably think he's in some sort of catatonic state.

i don't know why i feel the need to file this away for future generations, i can't imagine his grandkids would care, or maybe they'd think it was hilarious. either way, consider it documented.


Jaime-Lee said...

Awwwww bless him! That's ever so cute! I've been reading this blog for a while now & can't believe how big Cal has got!
I have been perusing Small Fry every now & then (despite not being a mum myself, it has given me plenty of insight if the time comes) - you're doing a great job! xoxo

Amanda said...

Totally just found your blog... Aaaand cannot stop laughing at this!!

Julie said...

haha! my niece touches her neck when she feels shy or uncomfortable. kids are a hoot.

the coltons said...

My daughter does this EXACT same thing - she sucks her thumb, dives into her shirt, and just tickles herself into said catatonic state! Haha

Ps - I've followed your blog now for a few years and had no idea that was you at Megan's the other day! Weston is my husband and he told me as we we kept on our walk ;) should have introduced myself ;)

I love hearing about your boys and their antics ;)

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